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Assassins Creed: Odyssey


From lush vibrant forests to volcanic islands and bustling cities, start a journey of exploration and encounters in a war torn world shaped by gods and men.FORGE YOUR LEGENDYour decisions will impact how your odyssey unfolds. Play through multiple endings thanks to the new dialogue system and the choices you make. Customize your gear, ship, and special abilities to become a legend.FIGHT ON A NEW SCALEDemonstrate your warrior's abilities in large scale epic battles between Athens and Sparta featuring hundreds of soldiers, or ram and cleave your way through entire fleets in naval battles across the Aegean Sea.
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PlatformsXbox One, PC, PS4
Metacritic Rating83
DeveloperUbisoft Quebec
Release Date05-10-2018
Age Rating18
  • Action
  • Role Playing


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PUBG Mobile Solo Vikendi
14 Oct | 12:00pm100/100
tile image
PUBG Mobile Squad Erangel
14 Oct | 12:00pm20/20
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PUBG Mobile Duo Erangel
14 Oct | 12:00pm40/40
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PUBG Mobile Erangel [Qualifier]
14 Oct | 12:00pm66/100
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PUBG Mobile Solo Miramar
14 Oct | 12:00pm100/100


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