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Arena Of Valor


Arena of Valor (formerly Strike of Kings) is an international adaptation of Wangzhe Rongyao for markets outside mainland China. In 2015, Tencent approached Riot Games and asked them to turn their popular game League of Legends into a mobile title. However, Riot declined and claimed that League of Legends gameplay could not be replicated on smartphones. Tencent then proceeded to create their own mobile game, Wangzhe Rongyao, roughly translated to English as Honor of Kings.[2] Arena of Valor is developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games with the same engine and design as Wangzhe Rongyao, but the in-game characters have been swapped from characters inspired by Chinese folklore and mythology, to characters inspired by European folklore and taken from the DC Universe. The soundtrack for international version of the game is composed by American music artist Matthew Carl Earl, proving a different atmosphere compare to the original score with Chinese music instruments.Arena of Valor was first launched in Taiwan in October 14, 2016, following a two-week closed beta testing period.[3] In October 2017, Arena of Valor was launched in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia where majority of the gaming community are playing mobile games. Garena decided to combined these three countries in one server. The game was released in some European app stores in August 2017,[4] and was released in North and South American mobile app stores on December 19, 2017.[5]The game was announced to be released for the Nintendo Switch console during the September 2017 Nintendo Direct presentation.[6] A closed beta became available for the platform between June and July 2018, and participants received an exclusive in-game skin for one of the characters.[7] The game is confirmed to launch on the platform in September 25, 2018.[8]Speaking to Engadget, Tencent Games revealed the Nintendo Switch port of the game is enhanced and optimized for the platform, taking advantage of the console's processing power and hardware features to implement various changes to the game, such as improved graphics and animations, better lighting, smoother lines, and additional minute details like butterflies. Additionally, several adjustments were made to the game to be playable on a bigger screen with traditional controls, and characters' stats have been reconfigured. Because of these changes, cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game is not possible. Tencent Games also have plans for competitive events based on the Nintendo Switch version
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Metacritic Rating90
DeveloperTimi Studio Group
Release Date10/14/2016
PublisherGarena, Tencent Games
Age Rating7
  • Multiplayer online battle arena