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➤About ME:- My name is Inderpal Singh and i'm 25 years old. If you're wondering I look younger than my age then let me tell you that its because of hormonal issues. That's why I look younger than other people of my age. Talking about my studies, i'm not that much educated because when I was 15 y/o my dad ran away from home with someone for work related or whatever the reason was, he never came back and never ever tried to contact us and he was everything to me :(. And then I had to stop my studies to work outside on shops to earn money. After 2 years I started using internet and somehow managed to do some online work. Today i'm a social media influencer & a YouTube streamer as well. I hope you guys enjoy my streams. Thankyou ! .. If you're wondering that why am I sharing all this with you guys, it's just that people should know about me before judging me. GLHF :) ➤Support The Channel With Your Donation:- Paypal:- Sponsor:-
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