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World is moving towards Wi-Fi 6 but why should you care?

World is moving towards Wi-Fi 6 but why should you care?

Wi-Fi standards have come a long way, from 802.11b in the past to the 802.11ac catering our homes today. 802.11ac allows higher bandwidth transmission over dual frequencies to a larger number of devices. Wi-Fi nomenclature has always been complex, right? All those names make the head go crazy.

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard can now be referred to as Wi-Fi 5, the earliest 802.11b is Wi-Fi 1 and the newest 802.11ax is Wi-Fi 6. So if the naming makes no sense to you maybe numerical hierarchy will, simply enough, WiFi 6 is better than WiFi 5.

WiFi 6 will bring more bandwidth to the table, improving gaming performance over WiFi. WiFi 5 has a theoretical bandwidth of 3.5 Gbps. Wifi 6 has maxed out this limit at 9.6 Gbps (purely theoretical though.) Also, it will reduce latency and ensure a more stable connection.

Along with more bandwidth, WiFi 6 brings more to your homes. It has improved technology when it comes to handling multiple devices. It can communicate simultaneously with eight devices and uses improved MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies to efficiently monitor and manage traffic, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. If you are security conscious, WiFi 6 comes equipped with WPA 3 to replace the ageing WPA 2.

ASUS RT-AX88U supports Wi-Fi 6

While there are Wi-Fi 6 routers available for purchase, there is no Wi-Fi 6 adapter (no USB, no PCIe and not even built-in, onboard) available as if of now.

More bandwidth, better firmware and stronger security, all of it there to ensure a richer gaming experience. There is your answer, that’s why you should care about Wi-Fi 6.

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Arnav Mishra
Mar 13, 2019