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Windows will automatically get rid of bad updates

Windows will automatically get rid of bad updates

If you own a Windows PC, you would be quite familiar with all the troublesome updates that come with it. The worst part about these updates is that sometimes, they turn your perfectly running PC into a dead device.

However, Microsoft has now enable ‘auto un-installation’ of updates that make your PC go beeeeeeep. So, if your PC runs into trouble after updating and recovery attempts aren’t fruitful, then Windows will roll back the update and return to the stable version.

Windows Update Uninstall Notification

In such a case, Windows will refrain from installing the problem causing update for 30 days. Meanwhile, Microsoft will work on the issue to resolve it. After 30 days, Windows will again try to install the update.
However, users will always have the ability to uninstall and reinstall updates as per their wish.

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Arnav Mishra
Mar 13, 2019