Watch NVIDIA’s Reveal Of New RTX 2080 GPUs Tonight At Gamescom 2018

Watch NVIDIA’s Reveal Of New RTX 2080 GPUs Tonight At Gamescom 2018

You know. We know you know. You know we know you know. – NVIDIA, Gamescom 2018

Alright, so NVIDIA is all set to “reveal” their upcoming GPU line-up tonight. While, we’re not exactly sure what else there is to know about what NVIDIA has in store, since almost all details about the RTX 2080 have leaked, including some variants, specifications and even pricing, the conference should be interesting nonetheless.

NVIDIA will be showcasing some of the most graphically intensive upcoming games, including Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many other games. This is what we are eager to see – performance benchmarks.

You can watch the stream here:

Watch live video from NVIDIA on
Some rumored speculations have said that these new GPUs have 6 times the performance output in comparison to their last gen counterparts. However, that’s not meant to be taken as 6 times the framerate, instead, it implies more powerful lighting, ray tracing, and AI processing powers. It’ll be interesting to see what developers will do with this newly available power, and we’ll hopefully know more specifics tonight.

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Aug 20, 2018