VACation Time: 60k+ Accounts Banned, VAC Ban Record Set

VACation Time: 60k+ Accounts Banned, VAC Ban Record Set

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the best competitive FPS and has been ever since it’s release. With tournaments all throughout the year and many professional teams and players, CSGO is still a very active game with an even more active community. However, players of the game have been questioning Valve over the years for what seems to be lack of support for the game itself in terms of updates and anti-cheat. Valve has responded to the players by releasing Panorama UI and by totally stepping up their game when it comes to Anti-Cheat. While it is not as intrusive as ESEA or Faceit, the Anti-Cheat has been working wonders lately.

July 19th 2018 is a day that’s going down in CSGO history as the day 61 THOUSAND accounts got banned. That is not a joke, 61k VAC bans took place and the forums where cheaters gather is just filled with them complaining about it. As a CSGO player myself, all I can say is thanks mr volvo. The game has been using a hidden trust factor to match players of similar trust together in an effort to combat cheaters and AFKers but this VAC Wave has made the majority of the fanbase extremely excited and happy since there was a lot of rampant cheating going on lately.

3rd most played game.

It’s great to see Valve give attention to CSGO with all these updates since it still is one of the most played games on Steam and arguably the best Competitive Shooter out there.

All data mentioned above has been taken from SteamDB.

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Jul 23, 2018