Top 5 Games that Could have an Awesome Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale here, Battle Royale there, Battle Royale everywhere. While the best Battle Royale game is still Minecraft with a hunger games type mod, there are a few games out there that could have a really fun Battle Royale mode if implemented properly. Here are 5 games that I kinda wish had a Battle Royale mode.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

My most played game on Steam and an extremely fun(sometimes frustrating) game that is one of the best shooters out there. Counter-Strike fans want more from Valve and there were rumours of a Battle Royale mode for CSGO but nothing has come of it yet. With the Panorama UI update finally being pushed, we wonder what’s next for CSGO. Is it Source 2? Is it Battle Royale? Either of those would make CS fans happy. The Battle Royale mode could be very fast if someone had an AWP or AK because they could just one-shot opponents. A 5 person team for up to 100 players with matchmaking would blow the minds of people. So please Valve, If not Half-Life 3, give us this.

Grand Theft Auto V

There used to be a clear distinction between Saints Row 3,4 and GTA V. Used to be. GTA V’s online now has flying cars, jetpacks, flying bikes, air fortresses, huge truck HQs, nightclubs and almost everything and anything. They’ve added a lot of fun things in the game but the good stuff tends to be expensive and the grind gets boring. Battle Royale could be a way to ease that grind while also introducing a fun game mode. Empty the city of LS, throw in a whole session full of people and let them have a go at each other.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls’ PvP is great and has a lot of interesting players that you meet and fight against but what if everyone started at a level playing field. Imagine picking up spells and being forced to use it even though you’ve always played a warrior type of character. It could really help players try new playstyles while also helping them to try and improve by fighting only actual humans. it could be very interesting and I’d love to see something of this sort. Oh, and you can level up if you kill enemies. That would be a very risky move but you could improve yourself if

No Man’s Sky

Take everything cool about No Man’s Sky and put it in a Battle Royale mode. A Randomly generated planet, have players come in, the planet slowly starts falling apart. It could have a building system that rivals Fortnite in terms of manipulating the world around you. Maybe even jets that could only be used to fly close the ground but with limited fuel. Maybe this is how they could complete their resurgence after their horrible launch.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

An older game that had a very different multiplayer that was active but has slowly gone down over time. A Battle Royale game where you crawl your way to victory by being sneaky and smart with your traps. Maybe even give the players the ability to call in support from “Motherbase” if you pick up the correct stuff. Add in a day and night cycle along with the weather system, and this could be a very fun stealth focused Battle Royale game.

That’s my list of games that I want to see get a Battle Royale mode because the games have interesting mechanics that could work very well with the integration with the BR Mode and could also help bring back players while being a breath of fresh air in a genre that seems to be getting stale. What games do you want to see the Battle Royale mode in? Let us know down below.

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Sep 13, 2018