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There might be a 9th Gen Core i3 processor

There might be a 9th Gen Core i3 processor

i3 is Intel’s low tier flagship. The chip finds a sweet spot in the wallet of budget builders, delivering great ‘performance to price’ ratio. When Intel’s 9th gen chip line up info-graphic emerged, i3 was left out. However, recent leaks indicate that a piece of happy news might be on its way.

According to the recent leaks that have surfaced, Intel might be working on an i3-9100F chip. The chip will surely lack integrated graphics, due to its ‘F’ suffix. Intel has dropped i3 8100-F from ARK database which seems a move to make room for the 9100-F.

The i3 9100 will be based on Intel’s 14nm ++ architecture. The processor will most probably be a 4 core 4 thread chip with support for 64 gigs of 2400 MHz memory running in dual channel. Much like the 8100, the new chip would have a TDP of 65W.
A listing by DELL Australia has indicated that 9100 would support Intel® Turbo Boost Technology with a boost clock of 4.1 GHz, much unlike the earlier chips and contrary to the rumours.

Source: DELL Australia

We recently covered Intel’s sTIM leaks, so it seems like that the chip will come with normal pTIM (aka Thermal Grease) which is not much of a problem given that 9100 is an entry-level chip with a locked multiplier.

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Arnav Mishra
Feb 11, 2019