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The Game Awards 2018 Will be Streamed by JioTV

The Game Awards 2018 Will be Streamed by JioTV

If you’re looking for a way to watch The Game Awards 2018 on any of the non-traditional streaming services, fret not because JioTV has your back.

According to our sources at Spiel Times, JioTV will be streaming The Game Awards 2018 live. While not officially announced yet, we have checked and verified the validity of this information. If you’re looking for the schedule of the show in IST, we’ve got you covered.

Pre-Show: 7AM IST

The Show Begins: 7:30AM IST

The Post Show: 10AM-10:30AM IST


We highly suggest you tune in for this event because not only will we see a lot of awards distribution, we will also see a lot of game reveals, announcements and we will get to know more about already announced upcoming titles.

This is a great initiative from JioTV to stream this event which shows that as popularity for games grows in India, so does demand for it. JioTV is helping achieve that demand by providing a platform for newcomers to watch this event on if they weren’t familiar with Twitch and Youtube Gaming. Plus, since it will be quite early in the morning, you can watch it on your smartphone, in bed on an Indian platform.

This also shows the global market that India is growing fast and should be considered a viable market for games when it has been ignored plenty of times in the past due to the fact that there wasn’t much demand.

JioTV Play Store Link

JioTV App Store Link

We will be covering The Game Awards 2018 Live as it happens so stay tuned for news if you do miss out on any of the announcements.

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Darren Rodrigues
Dec 06, 2018