Steam’s New Chat Client out of Beta

Steam’s New Chat Client out of Beta

Steam is the biggest online market for video games and has a huge user base that has slowly been growing. While Steam is a name now synonymous with PC Gaming its User Interface and design never really caught up with the times which resulted in people using Skins to help modernize Steam. Well, Valve finally decided to do their own thing and have completely revamped the entire chat client with more updates being promised to the whole Steam Client.

The new Chat Client update was in Beta back when it was first announced in June but with most of the bugs squashed it’s been rolled out for everyone. This new update makes the Chat Client a lot more like Discord and features a lot of new features and upgrades. One of my personal favourites is the fact that chats don’t get erased now, so your older chats persist even after you’ve logged off and come back. Persistent Group Chats are also now a thing along with a much improved Voice Chat system. You can set your “favourites” so friends that you choose stay in a specific bar even if they’re offline allowing quicker access to their chats. The chat now groups by game so you can see if your friends decided to start a game of CSGO without you as you can see if they’ve lobbied together.

Another big change is the addition of inline images, gifs and videos in Steam Chat. It’s something that was really missing and now you can spam your friends with appropriate reaction gifs and memes. All these changes are also available on the browser version of Steam which is quite good. With all these changes Valve has stated that this is just the beginning of a lot of changes to come since they’ve built this using a new UI Framework along with a lot of architectural improvements under the hood. Hopefully, the Community Pages and Steam Store get a new look soon.

Here’s a full list of changes and new features that have been rolled out in this update.

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Jul 25, 2018