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Starbreeze HQ Raided by Swedish Authorities; One Arrested

Starbreeze HQ Raided by Swedish Authorities; One Arrested

Starbreeze, the company behind the Payday series and Overkill’s The Walking Dead had its office raided by Swedish authorities according to reports.

A surprise raid was mounted on Starbreeze’s HQ which has resulted in the arrest of one person as of now along with the seizure of a few items which could very well be Laptops or PCs. According to reports, the nation’s Economic Crime Authority(ECO or EBM) has raided the office today morning which is located in Stockholm.

ECO press officer Niklas Ahlgren has issued a statement to GamesIndustry.biz, confirming the following:

“This morning officials from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority raided the offices of Starbreeze in Stockholm. One person was arrested and items were seized. The raid is part of an ongoing investigation involving suspected insider trading.”

Furthermore, GamesIndustry.biz also received a statement from Starbreeze which reads:

“On Wednesday Swedish Economic Crime Authority has conducted a search query at Starbreeze AB. The company has been informed that this has occurred due to suspicions of insider charges. The company as such is not subject to any suspicion. The company cooperates fully with the Swedish Economic Crime Authority. The event does not affect the company or the ongoing business reconstruction.”

This has happened mere days after it was announced that Starbreeze was filing for solvency after their CEO stepped down and was replaced. According to Starbreeze’s statement, the raid was conducted on suspicion of Insider Charges which means that an investigation is most likely going to place to get to the bottom of these suspicions.

Starbreeze has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for troubling reasons and this just adds to the uncertainty of the company and its future games which they assure will not be affected with all these things happening. Only time will tell if and how Starbreeze manage to come back from all these setbacks.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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Darren Rodrigues
Dec 05, 2018