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RTX 2060 Revealed: Aims at GTX 1070 Ti and GTX 1080 Performance

RTX 2060 Revealed: Aims at GTX 1070 Ti and GTX 1080 Performance

CES 2019 brings forth a lot of great news for tech enthusiasts and PC gamers and this year Nvidia announced their midrange card for the RTX 20 series. The RTX 2060 is a $350 card that performs like a 1070Ti and 1080.

The RTX 2060 is the successor to the GTX 1060 but it completely blows it out of the water in terms of performance. We expected a performance jump but one that was so substantial was not expected. From tests by a lot of renowned sites and Youtubers, the RTX 2060 can match blows with the GTX 1080 and even outperforms it in a bunch of newer titles.

While the xx60 series have usually been aimed at the 1080p resolution, the RTX 2060 seems to be overkill for 1080p right now and can get you pretty good performance at 1440p. This also seems weird because in a way their out-pricing their own range of cards from the GTX 1070, the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1080.

All the aforementioned cards have a higher amount of VRAM as the RTX 2060 only has 6GB of VRAM however, they’re either on par, slightly faster or in most cases slower than the RTX 2060. The RTX 2060 also comes with DLSS and RTX both of which are absent in the Pascal line-up so it makes it an even better choice even though it lacks a bit of VRAM.

The RTX 2060 Founder’s Edition costs Rs 31,000 with aftermarket versions available for around Rs 35,000. This is cheaper than most GTX 1070 Ti while giving similar or better performance. Nvidia has hit it out of the park with this one and how AMD responds to this will be interesting to see as the Navi lineup of cards will be announced soon.

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Darren Rodrigues
Jan 08, 2019