Rainbow Six Siege Review Bombed After China Censorship

China is growing as a big market for video games, however, there are various restrictions as to what games are allowed and not. CSGO has its own version specifically for China that lacks the blood and other violent symbolism.

Ubisoft is trying to expand their games to China with Rainbow Six Siege and to do this they’re altering the global version a bit, with only visual tweaks and with a separate region locked version for China with gameplay changes that meet the standards of their market. Some of the global changes include a change in the icons, removal of skulls and anything related to gambling.

Members of the R6 community are up in arms about these changes as they feel Ubisoft are cooperating with a dictator and the fact that they’re making changes to the game is offensive to them. Redditor Qwikskoupa69, said “If you are changing the game to fit a fascist countries’ [sic] standards then you might as well remove [Tom Clancy’s] name because he is rolling in his grave right now. This game resembles nothing of that what he wrote.” The Steam reviews have made the game “Mixed” and the negative reviews have been coming in ever since the announcement was made.

While many members of the community are upset about this, people who are part of the R6 Siege esports scene like pro-player Pengu and commentator Parker “Interro” Mackay backed Ubi’s decision. Interro even mocked people who were up in arms about the situation with the above tweet. While the changes for the Global Release are aesthetic, people are worried about how it’ll affect future creative decisions. They’re also criticizing Ubi for not listening to the community and not fixing various debuffed or buffed characters. Various Ubisoft reps have been replying to people on various platforms however we are yet to hear Ubisoft’s official take on the situation.

What are your thoughts about this situation? Is Ubisoft being a greedy corporation and shelling out just to get the money from a new market or do you feel they’re doing their best with the given situation? Let us know down below.

Reddit thread about the Changes

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Darren Rodrigues
Nov 06, 2018