Radeon VII may cost a lot more than you think

Radeon VII may cost a lot more than you think

When Radeon VII was launched internationally, the one thing that caught the eye of Indian gamers was its pricing.

The $699 GPU has been claimed by several Indian tech sites to cost 55k (or 54,990 to be precise) in Indian currency. This is a very attractive price given how poorly the pricing has been managed for India, especially for computer components.
The card costs $ 699 in the US, when converted to Indian Rupees, it roughly rounds up to Rs. 49500. So, if you can grab one in India for 55k, the markup of Rs 5,500 seems quite decent.

No participating retailer in India for Radeon VII as per of now. Source- AMD India

However, all computer components imported to India are heavily taxed, resulting in insanely high markups.
If we look at the RTX 2080 FE, which costs $799 in the US is priced at Rs.69,900 in India. There is a difference of roughly $ 188 in this case. Also, considering the fact that no retailer (including AMD’s official site) has listed Radeon VII pricing. The 55k pricing seems quite shady.

Nvidia India’s Pricing for Geforce RTX Series Cards in India

What could be a possibility is that the circulated pricing is GST exclusive. If we do the math and add 18 % GST, the price rises to approximately 65k. Is this true? We don’t know for sure.
However, don’t be surprised if you see 65k instead of 55k when you try to check out.

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Arnav Mishra
Feb 14, 2019