PUBG Xbox One: War Mode Arrives on 21st Sept

PUBG for Xbox One is slowly catching up to its PC counterpart in terms of content and with its full release, it’s going to be getting the War Mode soon too according to PUBG’s official twitter.

As linked on their tweet, their latest blog post talks about the upcoming hotfix update that aims to fix the framerate issues that have been plaguing users and has made the game unplayable for many. After the aforementioned Hotfix update which drops on September 18th, War Mode will be added to the game on September 21st. However, War Mode will only be available on select weekends in Event Mode and will be available for everyone to play at any time when the Custom Match feature releases in October.

For those who aren’t familiar with War Mode, it’s a game mode that can be described as Team Death Match mode where players hunt each other in teams in a static zone and features player respawn. Teams get points for knockdowns, kills and revives and the team with the highest points at the end of the timer or the team that reaches the set amount of points wins.

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Sep 17, 2018