PUBG with Storymode? New Singleplayer Game Set in PUBG Universe under Development

The PUBG Corporation has announced a new PUBG game development studio, Striking Distance which will be headed by Glen Schofield, the man responsible for Dead Space, CoD MW3, Advanced Warfare and WW2.

The new studio, Striking Distance will work on a new, singleplayer narrative experience that will be set in the PUBG universe. This will be a brand new experience that won’t be a sequel to PUBG as stated by Glen.

Striking Distance is currently hiring developers to add to their team and seem to be hiring for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer related positions.

That’s all the info we have for now but this is a very interesting move from PUBG Corp. How the narrative experience shapes up will be something to keep an eye out for, especially with Call of Duty going back to it’s Modern Warfare roots and going for a very gritty and dark story.

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