PUBG Tips & Tricks To Become A Pro

PUBG Tips & Tricks To Become A Pro

PUBG Mobile is getting more and more popular as the days go by and that means that people are also getting better. So, if you’re just getting in on the trend here’s some tips and tricks to help you.

Know Where To Land

Knowing where to land can give you a big advantage straight from the start. Places like Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Military Base in Erangel, Los Leones, El Pozo in Miramar and Kampong, Cave and Bootcamp in Sanhok are hotspots so try avoiding them because while the loot is good, there’s a lot of activity in these areas so if you do go there prepare to fight from the moment you land and formulate a plan beforehand.

Weapons To Use

The Weapons you use in what situation could be the difference between winning and losing. If you’re in close quarters, try to use something like a shotgun or an Uzi while for long range combat the M416 is the way to go, especially if you can get the appropriate accessories for your weapons which can greatly help you survive in the long run.

Make sure to listen to Audio Cues.

Another thing that sets good players apart from the crowd is the use of Audio. Always try to use earphones/headphones to pick up on audio cues which can help you determine if there are enemies nearby. You can easily pinpoint the direction of gunshots and footsteps if you have your earphones on to gain an advantage on an enemy who might have not spotted you yet. Use this along with watching your minimap to see enemy blips that are formed due to gunshots and you should have the edge over them.

Loot grenades, flashbangs, molotovs and smoke grenades.

A lot of people tend to skip over Grenade Utility. Don’t do that. Try to get at least one of each because they all have their uses and can be what gets you the chicken dinner. An enemy in the building? Chuck in a Grenade or Molotov. Flash your enemies with a Flashbang or use it to create a decoy on the radar so that you can surprise an enemy. Use a smoke to act as a cover or use it to draw an enemy’s attention giving you the opportunity to strike.

Don’t stay in a building in the final circle.

While it may seem like a safe option, a building can turn from a safe haven to your tomb very quickly when in the final circle. Usually be the endgame most players tend to be loaded with utility so they tend to have Grenades and Molotovs. They can chuck in nades to either flush you out or to bomb you to death which can leave you so agonizingly close to a chicken dinner.

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Darren Rodrigues
Nov 03, 2018