PUBG PS4 Coming on 7th December

[EDIT]: Few hours after this post went up PlayStation’s official Twitter announced that PUBG will officially release on the PlayStation 4 on 7th December 2018

PUBG is available on the PC, it’s available on the Xbox One, it’s available on mobile. And now, it might be coming to the PlayStation 4 according to a couple of leaks.

PUBG is a console exclusive and is only available on the Xbox One family of consoles however that may change come December. According to a listing on Amazon 

The above screenshot is from the product page that was listed for PUBG PlayStation 4. The release date as seen is set for 8th December which is one day after The Game Awards. This year TGA has the biggest line-up of games and a lot of surprises and this could be one of them. Another reason why this rumour has gained traction is because a user over at ResetEra noticed someone named PSNProifles claim that PUBG was present in the PS4 game database and in the same thread games analyst Daniel Ahmad also speculated that the game might launch on 6th December.

PUBG came to Xbox on December 12th, 2017 as an Xbox Game Preview title and officially released in September this year. If PUBG were to release on December 8th, 2018 it would be almost after a full year of PUBG being available on Xbox which makes sense as it was a timed exclusive.

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Darren Rodrigues
Nov 13, 2018