PUBG PC Season 4 Gets an Interesting Story Trailer

PUBG PC’s Season 4 is officially set to launch on 24th July and to hype it up, PUBG has released a video that showcases some of the changes to the map in a very story-heavy way.

The trailer shows us a young man whose homeland seems to get invaded by outside forces. After its all done, he’s the lone survivor. Turns out, the island he’s on is Erangel and he’s the guy behind the whole Battlegrounds.

From what we’ve gathered he seems to be doing this to find people who can rise above the occasion and survive, just like he did as a child. This is the first time we’ve seen something so heavy on story in PUBG.

Earlier last month, we learned that a singleplayer story game is being made in the PUBG universe and this trailer might help build the lore of the world. It’s very interesting because we haven’t seen anything like in the past.

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