PUBG: New Map, Locations and Weapons found in Datamine

PUBG has been getting a lot of updates and new additions and thanks to huge datamine we now have new information that has information regarding a new winter map. Thanks to dataminers on Reddit we have images of the map and other juicy information.

The new map is called Dihor Otok and will be 8×8 in size with a landmass of somewhere around 6×6. This will mean that the map is bigger than Sanhok but smaller than Erangel and Miramar. There are chances that it could make its way to the Mini Royale Playlist due to its size.

The map also features a maze that will be in a place known as DinoPark which could be a Jurassic Park-like theme park. We might also see castles thanks to the Castle Tower that was found in the files. Oddly enough, there’s also space themed assets which seems quite out of place for the whole setting but who knows what they’re going for with this new map. The rocket that was found is for a location called the Cosmodrome which sounds extremely cool.

With the winter landscape, players are speculating that PUBG might finally get it’s night since some files are labelled “weather_night”. There’s also filed that indicate towards a new game mode called Conquest which could be a game mode where players must capture a certain area. We might also see the inclusion of C4 in the game which will help players set up traps acrss the map that they can trigger while hiding in the shadows. Oh, and they’re also adding a Beetle, the old one.


A lot of things seem to coming in the future update and it seems like PUBG players are in for a lot of new additions in the future.

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Sep 12, 2018