PUBG Mobile Update v0.9.0: New Weather And Halloween Items

PUBG Mobile is getting a brand new update v0.9.0 for Halloween. While Halloween festivities will be a part of it, this new update features new weather, a new day/night cycle and lots of improvements.

Let’s talk about the biggest new addition which is the Night mode, which is exclusive to Erangel for now. This will alternate the map randomly between day and night in Classic mode. Night Mode also brings Night Vision goggles to help you see in the darkness and for you to hide in the shadows waiting for your moment to strike.

The Spawn Island will have the Halloween look and feel and players will be able to pick up pumpkins and candies. When you kill an enemy with the Hellfire AKM, they will turn into scarecrows and instead of a regular dust cloud, grenade explosions will now have a “spooky” face. There’s also a new weapon, the QBU DMR, which replace the Mini14 on Snahok. Matchmaking also gets an update with faster match finding, and, the game will attempt to match people who speak the same language, probably by checking their region.

The PUBG Mobile Update v0.9.0 drops on October 26th and is currently in beta. The full patch notes can be read by clicking here.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 17, 2018