PUBG Mobile Season 3 Details: Release Date and More

Rejoice PUBG Mobile players for there is new content! PUBG Mobile Season 3 is going to kick off very soon and will most likely bring a lot of new content, skins and maybe even a new map.

Thanks to the PUBG Mobile page for Indonesia, we have details regarding Season 3. The following is a translated quote of their post which describes the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3.

“Royale Pass ends on August 19 at 0:00 UTC (7:00 WIB). After that, players cannot enter the Royale Pass service. Cannot redeem prizes, get RP points. The New Season will start on August 22 at 2:00 UTC. RP points, data levels, and leaderboard will be reset. The items you get from Royale Pass are permanent except those that are temporary (i.e. Custom Room).”

According to this, Season 2 will end on 19th August with Season 3 starting on 22nd August. The new season will reset RP Points, data levels and the leaderboard which will allow the players to rank up again and gain new loot and rewards for Season 3. While not much is known, we can expect new skins as well as new loot boxes. There will also be two new emoticons named “angry” and “surrender” which will be unlocked by gaining RP Points. The biggest rumour is that the “Sanhok” map will make it’s way to the Global game since it has already been added to the non-english versions of the game.

If you’re wondering about PUBG Lite, you can go here to read about how to download it and play it on your Android Device.

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Aug 20, 2018