PUBG Mobile Beta Out Now, Includes Unreleased Features

The ever-popular PUBG Mobile now has a beta version specifically available for Android users. While it is a bit unstable and might have bugs in it, it also includes a few new features which may or may not be part of the upcoming version 0.7.0. The beta version which is available here has sadly reached its maximum number of users for now but it does say that space could open up for more users. Fret not though, even if you don’t get to play it we can still help you get hyped up for the official release with information pertaining to what is in this beta.

This beta features a faster version of Arcade mode known as Arcade Mode-War. There’s also a new feature called the “Portable Closet” that lets players change clothes during the match, however, doing so does NOT pause your game. Another in-game feature is the inclusion of a new weapon- the SLR Sniper Rifle. Besides this, there’s a new overhauled main menu design that makes it more accessible and user-friendly. This beta version, however, does not track your progress since you cannot sign-in so keep that in mind if you get into the Beta. Thanks to Android Wear for their report.

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Jul 11, 2018