PUBG Million Concurrent Player Streak Ends

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG has started a Battle Royale game craze that is still going on. As a game that was released on Steam, various statistics related to PUBG can be seen via SteamDB. One such stat for PUBG has been the concurrent number of players playing at once.

For 366 days, PUBG had over a million concurrent players playing the game at its peak in a day. It is absolutely insane to imagine that the game is so popular that it was able to hold the streak for a whole year. While it failed to do so on 10th September 2018 when it hit only 960,263 players at its peak, PUBG is still one of the most played games on Steam at the moment.

It would be interesting to see how PUBG Mobile and Fortnite fare in this regard but that seems like it won’t be possible since neither games are available on Steam or have a metric that shows peak player count during the day.

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Sep 12, 2018