PUBG Adds Ping System to the Game, Similar to Apex Legends

PUBG Mobile may be currently played more and updated more often but that doesn’t mean PUBG PC is being left behind. In an upcoming update, PUBG PC is finally going to get a Ping System among other things.

Ping System

Ping Systems have slowly become more and more common after how well-received they were in Apex Legends and PUBG PC is finally adding it to the game. This is a great addition that will allow the new and more casual players who don’t use voice communication to communicate with their teammates.

The Ping System radio wheel has a bunch of options to choose from to communicate quickly without fiddling around too much. Everything important seems to be on the wheel. From calling out enemies to requiring medics to “Sorry” in case you accidentally( or not so accidentally) damage your own teammate.

Ledge Grab System

This is something that will change movement in the game and introduces more verticality to the game by allowing you to grab onto ledges, fences, and obstacles that are 2.5m high and will allow you to jump from building to building or container to container.

This is a very interesting new addition that will change how players the game and approach the game since it adds a lot of options on how to approach a situation.

The Desert Eagle

One of the most famous FPS pistols, the Desert Eagle is now in the game and it is a beast. This thing can break a level 3 helmet in just two hits. Lookout for this gun when the update rolls out because we can expect a lot of cool plays with this.

Besides these things, there’s a lot of other changes including a Performance Update thanks to better LOD management, a new amphibious vehicle and changes to UI/UX and other gameplay elements. This update can be played on the PUBG Test Servers and will roll out to the final version of the game soon. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Patch Notes

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