PS4 Finally Allows Cross-Play For Fortnite With Xbox & Switch

PS4 Finally Allows Cross-Play For Fortnite With Xbox & Switch

After a lot of community backlash for Sony’s stance on Cross-play, they’ve finally taken a step towards making a change to their policy. PlayStation’s Extended Cross-Play beta has been launched starting from today.

From Sony’s Blog post which was posted by John Kodera, the President and Global CEO, SIE(Sony Interactive Entertainment) have identified a path forward to support cross-platform features for select third-party content. This cross-platform feature has started with Fortnite and is currently in its Beta state is available to everyone and means that you can now play with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS players. The new additions to the already existing cross-platform that were available is Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The post further states that this is a major policy change for SIE and that they are now in the planning process to support this change across the entire organization. Cross-play for other titles and information about the beta will be given out once they have more details to share.

You can read the Blog post in its entirety here.

This is quite big for gamers as this is the first step towards all the console companies not locking the multiplayer experience when it comes to third-party titles. This will further help socialization in games and could also be the catalyst for better Console exclusive single player titles in the future. We should all give our thanks to Fortnite for this change in policy.

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Darren Rodrigues
Sep 26, 2018