Politician Caught Stealing Campaign Funds To Spend On Video Games

Politician Caught Stealing Campaign Funds To Spend On Video Games

An American Congressmen, Rep. Duncan Hunter has been indicted with wire fraud, falsifying records, campaign finance violations, and conspiracy involving $250,000 of campaign funds. Out of the $250,000 it is reported that he spent $1,528.68 on Steam Games back in 2015.

While they initially claimed they were “personal” purchases and accidentally put it on the campaign credit cards, they later stated that the charges were fraudulent. Heck, at one point they even said that their teenage son accidentally used his father’s credit card to buy one game but later several unauthorized charges occurred because they didn’t properly close access to the site. Whatever the real reason is, that’s a LOT of games to buy.

Even if we assume that each game cost $60 which could be a possibility, they bought at least 25 games. That’s quite a backlog to have, especially for someone who is a politician and needs to spend their time wisely. Mr Hunter has in past defended Video Games stating that using them as scapegoats for real-world violence is disingenuous.

All things said this is in a way tells us that as the new generation is growing up, video games are getting more and more popular and mainstream and isn’t considered something that is just for children. That seems to be the only positive that can be taken from this whole bizarre tale as chances are that people will start blaming video games for this fraud too.

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Aug 24, 2018