PlayStation Store Prepaid Cards Now in India

The PlayStation Store has been in India since 2010 but using it to buy games has always been a bit of a hassle since it didn’t accept a lot of the Indian Debit and Credit Cards. Indian Gamers have wanted a way to easily purchase games from the online PSN Store for a while now and finally, Sony has given them a way to do so with the Prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards have been available in numerous countries but they’re now officially available in India. The cards start from Rs 500 and go all the way up to Rs 4,500 in increments of Rs 500. This makes it much easier for players to buy from the online store since the hassle of having a Debit or Credit card that is supported by PSN is gone. These cards are currently available on the online store of Games The Shop and will soon be available from offline retailers.

This comes after a move which saw Sony bring the PS Plus subscription cards to India which helped numerous players make the jump to PS Plus since the price for it is the same if it were purchased online. The new Prepaid cards will certainly increase digital sales and are handy for people who don’t want a physical copy of a game, especially for those who pre-order games and want it day one since many times the offline retail copy may get delayed.  The timing is of the launch of these cards is good as well since the reviews for Spider-Man will be out soon, which you can read right here, which will help users make an informed decision to purchase the game if they already have not, using the Prepaid Cards.

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Sep 04, 2018