PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign Announced

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG is a game that started as an early access game on Steam. As it grew in popularity, it was ported to the mobile platform and runs on a huge range of mobile phones, even low-end ones. Sadly, that’s not true when it comes to PUBG on PC or Xbox One. While the game has seen improvements over time, it is still quite messy with a lot of bugs and performance issues.

PUBG Corp, developers of PUBG have announced a “Fix PUBG” campaign after receiving numerous messages telling them to ‘Fix PUBG’. To do so, they’ve launched a dedicated website that showcases the roadmap, an FAQ and a fix log for the players to read through. The developer says that it will focus on the performance issue that plagues the game, work on bug fixes and quality of life improvements. While there isn’t a specific time frame as to how long this campaign will last, the website does seem to show the roadmap for the upcoming three months with quite a few of the big improvements slated for a release at what seems to be after the end of October.

While this seems to be a good move on their part and it appears that they are trying to be a little more transparent with their updates, the current Steam rating is “Mostly Negative” with a lot of the users reporting that the game gets stuck on the loading screen in an update that they released along with the “Fix PUBG” announcement.  PUBG still is a popular game but if they don’t fix these issues soon, people will stop caring about the game and will even stop recommending it to people. The ball is in PUBG Corp’s court and they have to get this right.

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Aug 08, 2018