Parents Are Angry At Fortnite, Says Their Kids Are Addicted

Parents Are Angry At Fortnite, Says Their Kids Are Addicted

Fortnite has become the biggest gaming phenomenon in the world, and even gone beyond just the sphere of gaming to become a household name. Celebs are playing the game, politicians are playing it, and Fortnite is all over social media. However, there’s one segment of the audience that’s not in Fortnite’s favor – the parents. There are increasing number of complains from angry parents worried about how Fortnite is affecting their relationship with their kids.

This might be the biggest backlash we’re seeing from parents since the early days of Mortal Combat and Grand Theft Auto. We’re hearing talks about parents afraid of how their kids might be addicted to Fortnite. Others are looking to take lessons on getting good at playing Fortnite in order to bond with their kids and spend some quality time together. Some are even threatening to sell their kids’ gaming systems to get them to stop.

Regardless of how one feels about this issue, there is no questioning Fortnite’s popularity. From young teens to adults, this game has everyone hooked. It’s easy to jump into, fun to watch, has an inviting look, and takes a ton of time to master. Do you think that this issue is being overblown? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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Aug 23, 2018