OEM Exclusive i9-9990 XE goes out for $2,300 in Intel’s Private Auction; More Benchmarks

OEM Exclusive i9-9990 XE goes out for $2,300 in Intel’s Private Auction; More Benchmarks

Earlier we talked about Intel’s 255W TDP beast that Puget Systems managed to get hands on.
We knew only a little back then, however as per Puget Systems, Intel is auctioning this chip via a private ‘online’ auction scheduled quarterly. We’d love to know more details including the next auction date, other bidders and the numbers of chips auctioned, however, Puget Systems aren’t allowed to share any more details.
The i9-9990 XE is quite similar to the i9-9940X which has a 14C/28T config. The most impressive thing about the CPU is its clock speed of 5 GHz with all 14 cores enabled. This ‘beast’ chip is really power hungry, it has a massive TDP of 255W. Here are the specifications.

i9-9990 XE Specifications. Source- Puget Systems

Puget systems conducted several benchmarks to test how good this chip ‘really’ performs.
The 9990 XE performs really good in the common benchmarks including Cinebench. In Cinebench R15 Single CPU bench, the 9990 XE scores a score of 221 points and in Multi CPU bench, the CPU goes up to 3732 points.

Major Benchmark Results. Source- Puget Systems

Synthetic benchmark never please, right? But the i9-9990 XE performs equally well in real life benchmarks. I’ll let the photos do the talking now.

The 9990 XE seems a great chip if we ignore the other factors such as pricing, availability, warranty and heat. But the issue is, we can’t.
Read Puget System’s report here for more details.

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Arnav Mishra
Feb 13, 2019