Obsidian Will Reveal Their Next RPG at The Game Awards

Obsidian has started advertising for the announcement and reveal of their upcoming RPG at The Game Awards.

It all started after Obsidian put out the above Tweet . After going to the site as reported by PCGamer, it initally had a pop-up that read “Stay tuned for a special message from Auntie Cleo’s, live December 6th at the Game Awards!”

Courtesy: PCGamer

After hitting the skip button, it brought forth an ‘ad’ of what appear to be in-game items with a similar theme as the Auntie Cleo’s message and had scratchy music play along with the words “Better than nature” being repeated.

Courtesy: PCGamer

When we decided to check out the website, we got a different ‘ad’. This time it was from Spacer’s Choice but the message was same. However, it had a completely different look to in terms of colour and branding. Hitting the skip button showed us an ‘ad’ for a Space Pistol with a small jingle that matches the tagline of the ad.

It seems like these are all ads for shops that will be found in the game. Spacer’s Choice is probably one of the weapon’s manufacturer in the game and Aunt Cleo is probably a merchant shop of some sort that sells healing items, food items and such.

We’re certain its not a new Fallout game however Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarski, the original creator of the Fallout series and the key designers of the original Fallout titles are part of the dev team of Private Division, a team working closely with Obsidian on this new RPG as seen from Obsidian’s Twitter bio and also from previous reports. It’s safe to say though that we are very excited for this announcement and cannot wait for what Obsidian reveal.

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Darren Rodrigues
Nov 29, 2018