Nvidia RTX 2080 Teased; Debut At Gamescom

Nvidia RTX 2080 Teased; Debut At Gamescom

Rumours have been aplenty for the new series of graphics cards that Nvidia has been working on, however, there has been no confirmation about these GPU or their naming scheme. Today, Nvidia decided to tease gamers and PC enthusiasts all over the world by releasing a small teaser video that unveils it’s Turing architecture GPUs.

The video teases a new GPU and Reddit users were quick to spot easter eggs that were seemingly hidden in the video that form to spell out “RTX 2080”. The usernames displayed that are RoyTeX(RTX), Mac-20 and Eight Tee spell out RTX 2080 while username Not_11 is them letting us know that it won’t follow the 11xx naming system. The Discord messages shown also feature GPS coordinates for Cologne. The video ends with flashes of a GPU with a backplate design, cooler and shroud design. The dates that pop up at the end also show “2080” first.

The new RTX GPUs are going to be focused towards gamers and will have Nvidia’s new Ray Tracing technology. Gamescom is in less than a week and many folks have high hopes from Nvidia and it looks like they’re going to deliver in spades.

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Aug 14, 2018