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New Far Cry Game Teased; Reveal at TGA

New Far Cry Game Teased; Reveal at TGA

Ubisoft has uploaded a small teaser for Far Cry with tag “Game Awards 2018 Teaser”. This 50-second trailer has a lot to tell us so let’s get to it.

What is touted by many people to be Far Cry 6, this trailer is quite apocalyptic which makes us believe that it is a type of spin-off like Far Cry: Primal. The trailer starts off with what looks like a Nuke being dropped somewhere in America. We then see footage of crops being burned by the flames and everything being destroyed as we hear the narrator talks about “Death Coming to Their Valley”.

Then there seems to be a time skip after what seems to be the world rebuilding after the fallout. The world was dark and distraught at first, followed by plenty of rain and then came the heatwave after which the world managed to finally get stable. And in this new world, we see someone pick up a circular saw blade which was prominently shown to be from before the nuke being dropped. The person picks up the saw blade and uses is it as a projectile for a makeshift crossbow.

The person seems to have very tattered clothes with a very punk style due to the gloves, jacket and wristbands. This could be a Mad Max-esque Far Cry game where we must fight for survival against some kind of mutants or “Overlords” as most Far Cry games. Maybe we’ll go up against multiple factions in a very Fist of The North Star style fashion, taking out their leader and bringing peace and order to the troubled world while also embarking on a personal journey which is the basis of almost every Far Cry title.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out more as the game will be revealed at The Game Awards which is less than 24 hours away. The trailer did catch people by surprise and was not leaked ahead of time surprisingly.

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Darren Rodrigues
Dec 06, 2018