Is No Man’s Sky Finally Good?

Is No Man’s Sky Finally Good?

No Man’s Sky reached for the stars but crashed and burned horribly with players and critics criticizing its lack of variety, no multiplayer, story or any of the things initially marketed. This led to a lot of refunds being given out by Hello Games and a lot of consumers learning to never pre-order games based on trailers and marketing videos, especially in this day and age where keys can’t be sold out like physical copies of games.

Originally released in 2016 to lacklustre reviews, Hello Games stated that they would work hard and release updates to the game to make it better. And they stuck to their word, releasing three major updates, all of which have added new features or functions to the game which include but not limited to basic multiplayer, story mode and lore. The upcoming NEXT update which is another major update is going to expand the multiplayer so you can finally play with your friends, bump into random people and even race people. The NEXT update is also being timed with the Xbox One release of the game which will feature this new update, along with a release on WeGames.

So is the game any better now? People seem to be saying that it is, based on the Steam Reviews. While the game did get slammed with a LOT of negative reviews when it released, things seem to be getting better as there are a lot of positive reviews now. At this point with all the updates and content that is being added to the game, it can only be speculated why they would release the games in 2016 in its half-finished state. Was it pressure from the publisher? Was it because they didn’t want to become another Star Citizen? That we won’t know for sure but what we do know is that Hello Games is making an effort to improve their game and are doing it with free updates rather than hiding it behind a DLC. In due time this game could really turn into what it was initially meant to be and as a gamer, it’s always good to play a game where the dev team have actually fulfilled their vision.

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Jul 20, 2018