Improve PUBG Mobile Performance On Your Smartphone With This Specially Developed Tool

While PUBG Mobile is a significant achievement when it comes to how fully featured it is for a smartphone game, there are major gripes to be had with it on the stability and performance end. So much so that Tencent went ahead and released a “Lite” version of the game to support lower end devices. However, that’s not yet available officially in India, and even if you do download it externally, there are still issues with it.

However, this new fix, PUB GFX+, developed by a senior XDA member and uses some neat tricks to improve framerate, and more importantly stability.

PUB GFX+ Download Link – Here

The test they ran is on a One Plus 3, with average framerate of 30FPS. However, the framerate stability is 57%, which means that almost half the time you could expect framedrops and stuttering.


Once the PUB GFX+ tool was enabled, the difference is immediately clear – better framerate, and 87% stability. You will no longer be seeing framedrops as soon as you jump out of the plane or come up on a firefight. This mode is called Zero Lag Mode, and you can see the benchmarks below.

So there you go, download PUB GFX+ from the official XDA website, and see the results for yourself.

Download Here – Link

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Aug 21, 2018