Hitman 2 Info Leak: He’s going back to India

Hitman 2 Info Leak: He’s going back to India

There’s been a leak about the upcoming Hitman game which has been titled Hitman 2. This leak states that it is based on the data recovered from the Hitman Server version 7.3’s assets which are stored on the official IO-Interactive Server. This pdf file which contains all the info about the leak further states that it also has information gathered from the Hitman: Sniper Assassin game.

It talks about the playable demo mission that was shown to the audience at E3 2018 followed by a mission titled “Hippo” which takes place in Colombia but the mission after that is what piqued my attention. The mission titled “Mongoose” takes place in the slums of Mumbai and has an optional target named “Dawood Rangan” which could be a take on the infamous Mumbai underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim. Information regarding the mission like Disguises and Location specific items are also present in this document.

This mission would mark Agent 47’s return to India in a Hitman game after Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’s mission which took place in Punjab. It is quite a coincidence that both the times he’s been to India it’s been in the 2nd game of a series from the Hitman franchise. There’s a lot of information about the other missions as well in this document and is quite an amazing catch by data miners.

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Jul 05, 2018