Granny Gets Her First Chicken Dinner In PUBG

Gaming is not just for the younguns and is for everybody, irrespective of age and being good is also not tied to age as seen by this Granny who got her first chicken dinner in PUBG.

GrannyGottaGun is a Twitch Streamer who often streams herself as she plays PUBG with a group of people. Her team has won Chicken Dinners before but this was the first time she survived till the very end and won a chicken dinner. Now she isn’t a pro player or anything but she seems to have a lot of fun and even states that she got only 5 Hit Points that whole game even though they won.

Now that Granny has survived and won her first ever chicken dinner, her grandkids are probably going to be stuffed full with some very wholesome chicken dinner that she earned on a live stream. This means a lot to her as seen in the video when she goes around to tell her family that she survived and won a chicken dinner. She also stated in a Reddit post that she never played games before PUBG so this is pretty damn good and its great to see such wholesome content.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 29, 2018