Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that’s taking the country over by a storm. In fact, some people even prefer it over PUBG Mobile, the game that made battle royale so immensely popular. There are some differences between the two games, but the fundamentals are pretty much the same: Land amongst a horde of other players on an island, loot weapons, and gear, survive till the end and be the last man standing.

If you’re just getting into Free Fire, it might be a little overwhelming at first, figuring out all the different mechanics. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide with all the tips and tricks you’d need to know as a beginner to start winning some games.

Staying in Cover is Important

  • Now, this seems like an obvious one but people tend to forget this. If you’re new, you’ll most probably be playing in Bronze where most of your enemies are AI so you will get pretty confident as you rake up the wins and kills but it will also spoil your game sense a bit as you start to face off against better human players.
  • Always try to be near cover, especially when engaging an enemy as this will give you some breathing room and a place to retreat to in case you are surprised by their presence. If there’s nothing nearby, trees and bushes are your friends, otherwise, try to stick with a bigger and better cover like buildings.

Pick a Safe Drop Point

  • If you’re trying to be defensive and survive the early game without getting into too many fights, try landing far away from the path of the plane. Going to locations that fall close to the plane’s path may lead you to hot zones as a lot of other players do the same. Landing far will increase your chances of survival and also make sure you’re able to get some loot in peace.
  • When playing aggressively, feel free to land in areas that are in the plane’s flight path. This will help you learn how to be quick on your feet, trying to get loot as fast as you can and get you into action early on in the game.

Shoot To Kill

  • Shoot only and only when you’re sure you can secure the kill. Try to take advantage of enemies who are already engaged in a fight and kill them. Another thing you can try is to wait for the enemy to kill whoever they’re fighting, then just as they’re coming out or trying to heal, ambush them and get a kill for yourself.

The Mini Map is Your Best Friend

  • Map awareness is something that will always come in handy. The mini-map at the top shows the directions for enemy footsteps and firing, so keep an eye on the map as you play because that will give you a huge advantage.

Learn to play with different weapons

  • You need a versatile loadout that can help you come out on top, no matter how badly you may get stuck. For this, make sure you acquaint yourself with versatile weapons like assault rifles which can benefit from a variety of attachments as you’ll be relying on them a lot.
  • While a scoped weapon is great for ranged combat and to take out enemies without being spotted, when it comes to close quarters it can be your downfall. If you decide to Aim Down Sight(ADS) with a scoped weapon, your scope will magnify the view and make it hard for you to shoot an enemy who might be close to you and moving. Having an unscoped weapon can help alleviate this issue.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to bag a few easy wins in the beginning, helping you get used to the game and push your rank. The more you play, you can start experimenting and develop your own play style.

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Jasmeet Singh
Feb 26, 2020