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Gaming back on track as Microsoft fixes the ‘Buggy’ Windows update

Gaming back on track as Microsoft fixes the ‘Buggy’ Windows update

At the start of the month, Microsoft rolled out a ‘buggy’ windows update that became a nightmare for the gamers. The infamous update, KB4482887 lead to plummeting framerates and input lag along with other various other problems.
The issue extended across all hardware configurations and even Microsoft advised uninstalling the update as a temporary fix.

Issues in update KB4482887.

Fortunately enough, Microsoft has fixed this issue with a subsequent update. The update, namely KB4489899 claims that it “Addresses an issue that may degrade graphics and mouse performance with desktop gaming when playing certain games, such as Destiny 2, after installing KB4482887.”

Issues fixed in KB4489899

However, this update comes with its own issues. Microsoft’s release notes mention that “After installing this update on machines that have multiple audio devices, applications that provide advanced options for internal or external audio output devices may stop working unexpectedly.”
However, this issue can be temporarily fixed by heading to sound settings and selecting your device as the default device.

Arnav Mishra
Mar 14, 2019