Free Fire Best Guns and Weapon Combos Guide

As we covered in our last guide, Garena Free Fire has a lot of great guns to pick and choose from, and you can have a lot of fun with them depending on your play style. So, in this guide, we’ll talk about what we think are some of the best weapon combinations for your loadout.

AWM + MP40 + M1873 Shotgun

The AWM along with the MP40 is a deadly combination which can make you an unstoppable force at both close-range and long-range combat. Getting your hands on the AWM can be a little tough as you can only find it in airdrops, but if you manage to find one, you can be a killing machine. It’s a deadly weapon at long range, thanks to its high damage output. Since its firing rate is pretty low, you should pair it with a fast firing SMG like the MP40. The MP40 is really good for close-range combat as its high rate of fire can deal a lot of damage. And you can keep the M1873 Shotgun in addition to these two for a bigger advantage in close quarters.

Scar/Famas + MP40 + M1873 Shotgun

The Famas and the MP40 is a very easily obtainable combination in the game. And in case you’re not able to find a Famas, you can use the SCAR rifle in its place too, but we prefer the Famas ourselves. It’s a great rifle with an impressive firing rate, damage and recoil, making it really good at medium to long-range combat. And for close quarters you can choose the MP40. Like before, you can pick the M1873 along with these two guns for its high damage output and you should be good to go.

M4A1 + M1014 + M1873 shotgun

Our favourite rifle in Free Fire is also one that you can get pretty easily, the M4A1. This rifle is perfect even without any attachments and it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s well-balanced, and you can have a lot of fun with it. Pair it up with the M1014 shotgun to help you at close-range combat. It’s the best shotgun in the game, with a high damage output and goes perfectly with the M4A1.

AK47+ M1014

A lot of people absolutely love the AK47 and there’s a simple reason behind that: It has a very high damage output. But handling it is not so easy. If you think you can handle it, then by all means use it, because with Level 3 attachments it can be absolutely lethal. To pair it up, go with the M1014. The AK47 will help you at medium and long-range combat while the M1014 will be perfect for close quarters fighting. If you work on your aim you can take down almost anyone with this combination.

Groza + M79 + M1873 Shotgun

Our last combination is also the deadliest: The Groza paired up with the M79. You can only find them in airdrops. Both of them are the best guns in their own categories, and together they’re deadlier than anything else. The Groza has an extremely high rate of fire and its damage is pretty good too. The recoil is easily manageable and you’ll be able to get some kills with ease.

So, these were our picks for the best gun combinations you can pick aroun in Free Fire. Click here to check out our guide for the best guns in the game, and stay tuned for more guides, and tips and tricks for all your favourite games.

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Jasmeet Singh
Jan 31, 2020