Fortnite Update 5.21 Patch Impressions

Fortnite Update 5.21 Patch Impressions

Fortnite’s latest patch v5.21 has dropped for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile platforms. This new update adds two Limited Time Modes(LTMs) alongside a brand new weapon, the Heavy Sniper Rifle. So, let’s take a look at the two new LTMs and the performance of the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Soaring 50s

The first new LTM is a variant of the standard 50v50 mode and is called the Soaring 50s. This variant gives you the ability to soar a lot with the addition of a lot of vertical launchers in launch pads, bounce pads, and impulse grenades. The interest new mechanic in this though is the fact that you can re-deploy your glider if you’re more than 10 meters in the air. This adds a lot of verticality to gameplay along with the option to traverse the map quicker than usual by using your glider.

While regular 50v50 is chaotic in itself, the new Soaring 50s game mode makes it even more frantic since people will be jumping and flying all over the place in an attempt to use the provided verticality to their advantage. However, teams with bad communication can take a hit since players will get split up in the heat of the battle making reviving your teammates harder since they might be spread it out all over the place.

Sniper Shootout

The second LTM is Sniper Shootout. As the name suggests, it’s all about Sniper Rifles be it scoped or unscoped ones. This is an extremely fun and tense game mode because everyone has a Sniper Rifle and a single shot can be the difference between life and death.

After the initial constant barrage of Sniper Fire, things start to slow down and mind games start to come into play and it keeps getting more and more intense as time passes and the player count drops. This is an incredibly fun mode that everyone should try out and will also help players hone their sniping skills.

Heavy Sniper

Speaking of Sniper Rifles, the new Heavy Sniper is quite the mean machine. With less bullet drop as compared to other sniper rifles and the fact that it does 150+ damage per shot and 1050+ damage to structures, it is an accurate beast that you can use to annihilate enemies while keeping your distance.

To offset its power, it has only one bullet in its chamber at a time and has quite a long reload time. This means that your shots will have to be precise otherwise you could get into quite a bit of trouble.

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Aug 17, 2018