Fortnite Season 7 Will Include a Snow Map?

Fortnite and Dataminers, name a more iconic duo. And according to a few of those data miners, Fortnite Season 7 will include a snow map.

As is tradition before most new Fortnite Seasons, the dataminers are at it again and have found audio files for the sound of footsteps on snow. While we do not know when Season 7 will start, the in-game timer suggests that Season 6 will end on December 5th which can lead us to believe that Season 7 will start on 7th December since it is a Friday and there’s a day’s buffer between the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7.

If you think that the sound files are from the snow footsteps that can be heard at the Viking Village then FNBRLeaks on Twitter has you covered. They managed to export the sound files and confirmed that the Snow footsteps that were found are indeed new ones and not the ones at Viking Village. You can hear the new footstep sounds for yourself in the Tweet above.

There already is a blizzard or some sort of storm brewing in the distant sky which could very likely hit the map at the start of Season 7 or during one of the Christmas events. While it is not clear if we will get a new map that is completely covered with Snow, many are expecting it to be a similar situation like in Season 5 where only a part of the map was a desert area. But it is safe to say that winter is coming to Fortnite.

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Darren Rodrigues
Nov 26, 2018