Fortnite Season 6 Halloween Skins Out Now; New Game Mode Hinted

Fortnite Season 6’s Halloween skins that were leaked a week back are now available in the store along with the other Halloween items. However, that’s not all, there’s been a tease for a new game mode.

The skins now available are the Jack Gourdon skin, the Spider Knight and Arachne skin. There’s also now a new T-pose emote, another meme which has made its way into the game. However, Epic Games have been hinting at a new character and possibly a new game mode with their tweets.

That’s the first of a whole set of tweets that teases at maybe a Duos game mode. The images in these tweets also seem to part of a larger image which people have been puzzling together to get a glimpse at the full image. With Halloween right around the corner, it seems that this year Epic Games have a lot of cool ideas for the game.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 22, 2018