Fortnite Scams That Steal Bitcoin and Install Miners

Fortnite is an extremely popular Battle Royale that has microtransactions. The game is also played by people from a wide range of age groups including children who can’t afford to buy in-game items and turn to hacks and cheats that scam them.

According to MalwareBytes, a very well known online security firm, there are a lot of data stealing and Bitcoin-stealing malware that are bundled in these so-called “cheats” and “hacks”. As seen from the image, Youtube is rampant with such videos that have links to applications that get the malware onto your system and some of it might even ask you to turn off your anti-virus to get the hacks or V-Bucks, which a naive person might even do.

The main culprit is a file that is a Trojan.Malpack as identified by MalwareBytes. Once it is on your system, the malware silently runs in the background and starts to collect and transfer your web browser session information, cookies, login tokens, Steam gaming sessions and even data from your Bitcoin Wallets. The videos do get flagged and taken down but by the time any action is taken, it’s already been viewed by thousands of people who are looking to cheat the game.

Don’t download random files from random Youtube videos in hopes of getting ahead of the game, it can only lead to bad things. Be smart about what you download and from where and have a good anti-virus in case something does go wrong.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 12, 2018