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Fortnite Creative Announced; Available from December 6th

Fortnite Creative Announced; Available from December 6th

Fortnite and Epic Games are changing things up yet again and this time are doing so with the announcement of Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative is an open world creative mode for the game where you can build whatever you want, however you want by using the game’s tools. You can build your games from the looks of it so expect a lot of custom game modes to come from this. Once everybody gets their hands on this and get familiar with the mode, we can hope to expect some really innovative and unique game modes from people that you and your friends can participate in.

This game mode will be available from December 6th to Battle Pass holders and from December 13th for everyone else. The mode is separate from Save the World and Battle Royale so expect a lot of new features and improvements over the coming months as we’re bound to see a whole new community for the creative mode of the game.

According to the Epic Game’s blog post you can “Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite. It’s all happening on your own private island where everything you make is saved.”. How your own “private island” works is not yet known but if they give players the ability to use dedicated servers, this game could very well rival Minecraft in terms of the building aspect, albeit without probably being as in-depth and robust as Minecraft which has had years to perfect it’s gameplay.

It is exciting to see Epic Games still trying new things, especially after the announcement of the Epic Game’s Store which plans to take on Steam and now with this announcement which is bound to add some freshness and something for players who are not a fan of the Battle Royale game mode.

Epic Games’ Blog Post About Fortnite Creative.

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Darren Rodrigues
Dec 05, 2018