Flipkart Selling Pirated Games to Buyers?

Flipkart Selling Pirated Games to Buyers?

Many people will tell you that Flipkart has been losing its mojo and that other sites are better than it. Many people have faced issues with their return policy and many more with the quality of products being sold that too by sellers who are unknown. Flipkart has yet again landed in hot water due to the fact that they’re quite openly selling pirated copies of games on their website. While it is not Flipkart themselves who are selling it but the sellers on their site were and they were even mentioning it in the product details.

This information resurfaced after a tweet by Vidit Sahni that has screenshots of the games and of the response he received from Flipkart after asking a question about why pirated games are being sold. Flipkart responded to it with the answer “Invalid Question” which goes to show just how incompetent they can be when it comes to community feedback. This is not the first time that this has happened though, 9 months back a user on the Indian Gaming Subreddit  posted about how he received a pirated copy of Far Cry Primal after ordering it from Flipkart.

This does not do Flipkart any favours and just goes to show that a lot of times they don’t check the authenticity of their sellers. From a big company like them, this is quite an oversight which just ruins their public image and the trust that people have on them. Flipkart did release an official statement regarding this and have since banned the sellers.

“Flipkart is a marketplace which helps sellers connect with customers across the country. We observe a zero tolerance policy on incidents where sellers are found violating rules pertaining to copyright, quality or genuineness of a product, or any other applicable laws of the land. As a responsible marketplace, we have immediately removed the concerned products and blacklisted the seller on our platform.

PC Games are mostly digital now with retail copies only being available on sites like Flipkart, any unsuspecting customer who might be buying it as a gift or for themselves might think they’re getting a good deal on the game but in the end are being completely ripped off and that is not fine or acceptable. Here’s hoping that Flipkart steps up their game and keep an eye out for such sellers.

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Jul 23, 2018