Epic Games Sues Fortnite Youtubers for Promoting Cheats

Epic Games is strictly against cheating in their game Fortnite and they’ve gone and proven that once again by suing two YouTubers who have been promoting hacks for the game for their own profit.

The two Youtubers, Golden Modz and Excentric have been sued on the grounds of copyright infringement and for breaching Epic’s contract. The devs have stated that they had injected “unauthorized cheat software” in Fortnite which gave them aimbot hacks and were also promoting the hacks online on one of their websites. They were promoting these hacks through their videos and through the site and they were “selling” hacks that went up to $298.

While there are plenty of YouTubers out there doing similar stuff, the fact that they are promoting it and selling it is what might have caught Epic Games’ eye and has lead to the current situation. Epic seems to be making an example out of these two and could be the first steps against stopping all the people who are promoting hacks on Youtube.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 18, 2018