Dr.DisRespect Rants About Battle Royale Games, Says He’s Bored

How much Battle Royale games can one play before they burn out you ask? Well, famous Twitch streamer Dr.DisRespect might have the answer. In a recent stream, he opened up about his feelings on the matter and how he was bored.

The short clip above is from when he was streaming Fortnite and decided to quit the game because he was bored of it and said that “he was falling asleep playing it” before he ended the stream. After playing the Call of Duty Blackout Beta, he absolutely loved it and has since wanted more. “I really don’t feel like playing anything else right now,” he said. “I am so bored. I don’t want to play any of these games. You just don’t understand. As someone that just wants the best, the fastest, the most dominant future, the tech, and being teased with it for just a couple days there, it just … I don’t want to play sorry-ass web browser Ring of Elysium.”

Yep, he even hits out at Ring of Elysium and is tired of the whole Battle Royale phenomena in general. This isn’t an uncommon sentiment though as a huge number of gamers are tired of the Battle Royale phenomena and how every game is now trying to be the next PUBG or Fortnite. All we know is that Dr.DisRespect wants to play CoD Blackout really bad and he might be done with PUBG and Fortnite for a while.

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Darren Rodrigues
Oct 01, 2018